Monday, January 11, 2010

page 59 © Fauzia Husain 2009


  1. I thought this one was a fish though. Is it a chicken with its heart cut out?

  2. haha
    its a fish
    i'm trying to create dissonance
    and i suppose i'm kinda succeeding :)

  3. Ok, at this point, turn UP, again, turn funny. The dark parts are so powerful that they need softening, so if you can keep up a ratio of 10 funny/quirky pages (that youre so good at) versus one dark maggoty-eyes page (which youre equally good at but must use sparingly to let its effect ride the reader a while) my advice too frank, too much? Apologizing in advance if it is. Every reader creates his/ her own meaning so other readers might disagree.

    This, by the way, at the risk of repeating myself, is truly brilliant work.

  4. thank you- i agree with you.
    i'm afraid i am locking the blog now as my students have begun stumbling on it- email me your email address on facebook so i will invite you to join the blog soon

  5. have you seen majid majidi's films?

  6. no, I haven't, sounds Iranian- I'll definitely check them out.